FIAT 1500

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Veteran of the Mille Miglia

Designed by the renowned engineer Vittorio Jano, the Fiat 1500 debuted in 1935. Its 1.5-litre inline-six engine producing around 95 horsepower allowed the 6C 1500 to shine in events like the Mille Miglia. A lightweight chassis and advanced suspension design made it a true contender on the racing circuit, establishing the Fiat 6C 1500 as a symbol of pre-war Italian racing excellence.

Sold new to Luigi Villoresi on November 12th, 1936, the car competed in the Monte Carlo and Mille Miglia rallies as part of the Scuderia Ambrosiana team in 1937. Villoresi sold the car in 1940, after which time it was driven as a taxi in Sardinia until the late 1950s. It was rediscovered in a Sardinian barn in 2017, with its original license plate, MI 45736 and Villoresi’s racing overalls.

The car was sympathetically restored by Franco Belluci using original parts in 2017, and Dutch Title Fiva Papers are available. With its authentic Smoke Black paintwork, original leather interior and 1936 bodywork by Pieber, the car is in its original state with no modifications. The Fiat is eligible to enter the Mille Miglia and, since its restoration, has competed in the competition in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

The iconic Formula One driver Luigi “Gigi” Villoresi drove for the Scuderia Ambrosiana team, Maserati and Ferrari. Villoresi first raced the Fiat 1500 in the 1937 Monte Carlo rally finishing first in his category and 13th overall. The car and Villoresi went on to compete in the Mille Miglia in April of the same year and the Volante D’Argento at Monza in 1938.

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2000 Km


4 Speed Manual


6-cylinder 1493 cc


Pre-restoration 2017


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Frans Heijstee


Zwarteweg 52, 1412 GD Naarden

The Netherlands

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